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Originating in Inverness, Cala is a 6-piece traditional band that has been on an exhilarating musical journey since the release of their debut single, 'Causeway,' in late 2020. With lofty aspirations and unwavering determination, the band's path has led them to the highly anticipated release of their debut album, 'From the River,' which was released early 2023.

The evolution of Cala's sound is a testament to their artistic growth. Over time, they have embraced lineup changes and explored stylistic shifts, ultimately moulding them into the captivating band they are today. These transformative experiences have infused their music with depth, maturity, and a unique creative edge, setting them apart in the realm of Scottish traditional music.

The past few years have seen Cala embark on an electrifying journey, gracing the stages of renowned festivals such as the Interceltique Lorient, Belladrum, The Gathering, and many others. Their performances have left audiences spellbound, a testament to the captivating energy and authenticity they bring to the stage.

What truly sets Cala apart is their meticulous craftsmanship, both in their choice of instruments and their dedication to arranging and composing their music. This attention to detail results in a fresh, robust, and thrilling interpretation of Scottish tradition—an exciting auditory experience that is uniquely their own.

As Cala continues to push the boundaries of Scottish trad music, their passion, innovation, and commitment to their craft promise an exciting future filled with remarkable achievements and unforgettable melodies. Keep an ear attuned to the latest from Cala, as they continue to redefine the soundscape of tradition and inspire music enthusiasts worldwide.




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